Change of rope diameter range on our series of rope clamps

We would like to inform you that the rope diameter range on our series of rope clamps recently changed from 8 mm - 13 mm to 9 mm - 13 mm. This change only affects diameter range specification for the mountaineering norm EN 567 but not the specification for the norm EN 12841. The measure is due to achieving consistency in one of the norm test requirements. It may be pointed out that 8 mm ropes do not qualify as neither low-stretch ropes nor single dynamic ropes. In this respect, they are not fit for safely supporting a full person weight. 

Lory and DSD Plus with the added compliancy with the standard ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013

While two most notable Anthron’s descenders with their derivatives prove quite popular on the European market, they are little known elsewhere. This is why we are trying to invest resources into spatial growth to new overseas markets and intensification of our presence on the already established ones. Among these activities is the recent addition of the norm ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013 for Lory and DSD plus. With the conformance to this norm we are hoping to gain popularity of the two descenders on the American market.

ANSI and ASSE in fact respectively stand for "American National Standards Institute" and "American Society of Safety Engineers". The Z359 prefix currently groups 12 standards into a comprehensive fall protection code. Among them the ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013 is defining safety requirements for assisted-rescue and self-rescue systems, subsystems and components. The ANSI states "The use of American National Standards is completely voluntary; their existence does not in any respect preclude anyone, whether he/she has approved the standards or not, from manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, or using products, processes, or procedures not conforming to the standards." Despite their voluntary character we feel that committing to obey national standards authorities is a step towards a better regulated market and a safer working environment for the work at height labour.

While Anthron's DSD plus is a pure descender, Lory's functionality is more varied. Our main goal was to give the users a descender that may be used virtually all-over the world. This is why DSD plus was added the ANSI standard while Lory got stripped the non-descender standards and added the ANSI Z359.4 standard. This version of Lory got the name Lory UNIVERSE.


SKYLOTEC takes over the Slovenian family-owned company ANTHRON.

With this, we expand new production capabilities and our knowhow in the field of special hardware and safety devices for the industrial fall protection and the sports sector.

Warning on Lory counterfeits

It has been drawn to our attention that counterfeit Lory products are trying to be pushed at least on the Brazilian market. The following is a reminder of Anthron’s high standards in terms of safety, of the risks associated with using counterfeit products, and of the method for identifying these counterfeits.


The counterfeit safety products may not comply with international standardization as well as our internal quality standards and might consequently pose a real danger to the user.


Authentic Anthron products are made according to specific processes proper to our production and stem from the in-house expertise we have gained through the years.


Anthron’s products comply with international standards that bear proof of their safety and quality of manufacture.


Piecewise testing at Anthron is not just a word but also a commitment to the safety of our customers. All Anthron’s products have to withstand stringent internal tests before being put on the market.

Counterfeit Lory products are potentially dangerous! They do not benefit from Anthron’s expertise and may prove faulty when used or even pose a high risk for the users.


Many versions of Lory and its derivatives exist on the market nowadays. Lory copies may be easily identified by the following:

- A centrally placed rivet protruding the backside plate of the housing (fig. 1).

- All pivoting cams of original Lories feature a figure of a climber while copies don’t (fig. 2).
- From 2013 onwards all cast parts in Lory feature blackish hardened surfaces. Cast parts on the copy are rough and do not precision cast. (fig 2).

- So far, all versions of Lory copies featured an insert resembling our spring-loaded ball pin (fig. 3). Nevertheless, we can not exclude copies without this pin in the future.
- There is a cut in the rivet holding the central opening button.

In case of any doubts about authenticity of a Lory product, do not hesitate to contact us on:

ANTHRON d.o.o.
Trgovska ulica 3
6310 IZOLA
tel: 05/64-00-150
fax: 05/64-00-151

ANTHRON entered into the populous family of UIAA safety label holder companies

Besides the conformity to European norms EN 12841 Type B and EN 567, our well established series of rope clamps (AD-10, AL-15, AB-20, AC-30) has recently attained the UIAA 126 safety standard for rope clamps. By achieving this, our company entered into the populous family of UIAA safety label holder companies.

The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, commonly known by its French name Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme was founded in 1932 in Chamonix, France when 20 mountaineering associations met for an alpine congress. The UIAA is today the international governing body of climbing and mountaineering and represents 59 national mountaineering organizations and millions of climbers and mountaineers around the world.

Within the UIAA its Safety Commission is responsible for maintaining and advancing safe practices and regulating the safety of equipment being used in climbing. Since the UIAA holds a global status, these standards – and consequently the safety of our rope clamps – are valid world-wide.

ANTHRON is associate member of the worldwide leading rope access association IRATA

As a rope access equipment producer, Anthron has recently become associate member of the worldwide leading rope access association IRATA. This has become possible by promoting and maintaining high standards of safety and workmanship quality of our products for the industrial rope access industry and by advancing continuous improvement in all aspects of production, development and safety standards.
IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, is now recognised as the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access. It has over 350 member companies around the world and has trained in excess of 74,000 rope access technicians worldwide.

Gasherbrum 2015

Our colleague Jaka Petrusa returned home in august 2015 from the expedition “Gasherbrum”. You can see more info at 

Jaka, congratulations for the big success!’

Lory with the norms EN 795 B and EN 353-2

With the attribution of an upgrade in terms of standardized safety, the nowadays renowned multipurpose device from our production is now even more useful. In addition to the already long list of norms it conforms to, we recently added the possibility of using it as a temporary anchor device (EN 795 B) and as a fall-arrest device on a flexible guideline (EN 353-2). Requests for both certifications came from afield. We, therefore, foster expectations users will find the new functional possibilities useful. See the below figures for intended modes of application.

ISAR UK visited Anthron

A group from ISAR UK visited Anthron together with a group from Jamarska zveza Slovenije JRS. A special thank you to Mr. Marko Zakrajšek, Mr. Valter Zakrajšek, Mr. Branko Mur and our colleague Miha Staut to organize very pleasant visit.

DSD pro

Parallel to our well established DSD plus descender we were developing his stronger brother DSD pro. To the difference with DSD plus, DSD pro is specifically designed for intervention and tactical purposes. Just like DSD plus, DSD pro may be controlled with one hand only. It features an incredibly strong yet non-damaging grip on the rope. Start of slippage with an 11 mm rope is at unbelievable 10 kN and still retains solid 6 kN with 9 mm. The transition between stop and go is a bit smoother to avoid unpleasant jerks during the starting process. Useless to point out that once released the device blocks on the rope instantly. The downside of all this enhancements is a bit smaller range of functionality compared to DSD plus.

In short we will be shooting a short promotional clip on DSD pro with a team trained in intervention techniques. With this purpose all the team paid a visit to the shooting site and tried some of the manoeuvres.

International FISP fair in Sao Paulo

In October 2014 we kindly accepted an invitation by the Brasimpex company and attended the international fair FISP which took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Of course, we seized the opportunity to visit a few caves.



DSD PLUS is awarded for high design quality in the “RED DOT AWARD: PRODUCT DESIGN 2013”. The innovative power of the companies Anthron and Gorenje Design studio impressed the jury of experts for the “red dot award: product design 2013”. The ceremony took place on 1st July in Essen, Germany.


Felipe Leal is a Rio de Janeiro based Brazilian police instructor for rescue and intervention techniques with international experience and references. In a series of short clips he is trying to explain the way Anthron's equipment works in intervention operations. 
The present clip demonstrates his training with our new descender device DSDPlus and a few static tests performed on it. 
We are grateful to him for publishing his work on our website. 


On Thursday 12th September 2013 Anthron team organized an interesting event in Vir close to Domzale (Slovenia). A lot of invited guests participated on this event where Mr. FELIPE LEAL from Brazil demonstrated the descend using the rope technique. Mr. Leal is part of Rio de Janeiro's police special forces and the owner of Guiness record descending 100m in 14,09 seconds.

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